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R&J Oenology ahead of its time with allergen-free products.

The decision and the application to mandate a new label stating the possible presence of allergens (like milk protein or egg) was extended to 30 June 2012 by the European Commission. According to studies conducted under the aegis of the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine),

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Kyocell: a cellulose gum to prevent tartaric precipitation

A new oenological practice has been adopted in Europe since 2012: the use of cellulose gums for tartrate stabilization in still and sparkling wines. These gums act as protective colloids as they prevent the formation and inhibit the growth of tartaric acid microcrystals. On his own initiative,

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Honor to Oenoquebec

The Tinello 2010 of Vignoble Gagliano choosen by La Presse readers

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