The decision and the application to mandate a new label stating the possible presence of allergens (like milk protein or egg) was extended to 30 June 2012 by the European Commission. According to studies conducted under the aegis of the OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine), casein and ovalbumin, used in accordance with good oenological practices for wines fining, remain only at trace levels in wines. The European Agency for Food Safety is therefore to validate these results after ensuring that the wines treated with these two substances are not allergens.

In this pending context, the will to R&J Oenology is to offer only oenological products without allergens whose effectiveness has been proven.

Due to this alternative, the European Union exports are not affected and producers can already adjust their production or clarification processes for future regulation in North America.

Some examples of our range without allergens:

Formule 1-CF (Casein Free), prevents oxidation as bitterness.

Used directly on the grapes or wine, without prior preparation, it offers a very important physical adsorption surface. This product, launched in 2007, has already confirmed its great effectiveness, for both wines and ciders from here and elsewhere. Data sheet…

Affimento is a gelatin which fines wines and ciders as effectively as would liquid egg albumin, respecting the fruit. The degree of hydrolysis of these proteins has been specifically determined to provide a very similar solution of the liquid egg white. Data sheet…

Please, contact us for more information on our GMO or allergens free products line, approved and tested in Canada.

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