R&J ŒNOLOGY was founded in 2007 by winemakers Richard Bastien and Jérémie d’Hauteville. It was created within the oenological consulting firm ŒNOQUEBEC, in response to the expectations of Canadian wineries concerning a better technical support in the use of oenological supplies.

•  Complete transparency,
•  Optimal support provided by experienced oenologists, while respecting and valuing the grapes according to your personality,
•  High quality, GMO-free and allergen-free products, tested and approved in Canada,
•  Fast and efficient delivery.

In an effort to provide a better support to the winemakers, we now offer a new tasting service and the implementation of wine trials and analysis.

Our decision to promote Sofralab comes from our solid work experience, especially with the range of Oenofrance oenological products, which is recognized worldwide for its efficiency.
Oenofrance a leader in technological innovation (Viteff 2009 innovation award), stands out in specific ranges of products such as the OENOTANNIN range and specific formulas made of several active ingredients. In 2013, R&J ŒNOLOGY also added a selection of products from Martin Viallatte to complete its product offer to Canadian winemakers.
For more information about our products and services, feel free to contact us.


  • Provides experts to participate as jury members in international competitions,
  • Contributes to training and research in Quebec,
  • Participates in international conferences on the vine and wine industry,
  • Provides oenology-focused training and tasting sessions.

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