R&J ŒNOLOGY : A response to a need

The emergence and consolidation of professional industries of wine and apple cider in Canada created the need for winegrowers and cider makers for a high-standard technical support:

  • in the wine and cider-making processes
  • in the knowledge and use of oenological products used in the development and conservation of wines and ciders (as the conditions, patterns and limits of their use are set by the International Code of Oenological Practices)

Then, R&J ŒNOLOGY has established itself since 2007 to meet this need by choosing to provide Oenofrance‘s products, whose innovations from the six partner oenological laboratories have been proven in all wine regions of the world. Then, in 2013, R&J ŒNOLOGY add a selection of products from Martin Viallatte to complete its product range. Today, we offer a complete line of products from ten different suppliers, mostly based in Europe.

R&J ŒNOLOGY’s experts provide wineries and cider producers with:

  • in-depth knowledge of the products offered in our range,
  • an overview of the wine sector.

Providing strong technical support is our top priority and the key to our success. Coverage has expanded from Quebec to all Canada’s major wine producing regions: Niagara Peninsula, the Prince Edward County, the Okanagan Valley and Nova Scotia.

Moreover, with its close relationship with the Sofralab oenologists, R&J ŒNOLOGY can adapt its range of products to specific aspects of Canadian wines, including for ice and sparkling products.

R&J ŒNOLOGY : A preventive approach

R&J ŒNOLOGY has always emphasized a respectful oenology of the raw material and the inherent quality of wines and ciders, that is to say a preventive oenology:

  • a high-quality product is first of all developed into the field, with a healthy and ripe harvest,
  • a high-quality product is also developed with a perfect knowledge of winemaking processes and hygiene.

A serious technical support must take into account the history of the winemaking steps while respecting the winemaker’s view.
Trials are always recommended before any use of oenological products on the overall volume. In the same spirit, we advise you to conduct tests before any use of oenological supplies to maximize their effectiveness and improve the quality of the final product.

R&J ŒNOLOGY : Initiatives to oenological advances in Canada

R&J ŒNOLOGY is related for example to Health Canada’s approval to use oenological products in Canada.
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R&J ŒNOLOGY : Looking towards the future

R&J ŒNOLOGY offers oenological allergen-free alternatives whose effectiveness has been proven to anticipate future legislation.
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