With nearly a century of history, SOFRALAB is a pioneer and reference player in the market for wine-making products and associated services. The development, design and marketing of wine products make up its core business, best internationally known under the brands OENOFRANCE ET MARTIN VIALATTE. Adopting a global and a sustainable oenological approach, SOFRALAB – The Oenological Company declines a very complete offer of products and services: oenological products, equipment, bottling supplies, hygiene products but also consulting, lab analysis and specific services as bottling, drawing and disgorging (in such areas).

To be closer to the market, in France and abroad, SOFRALAB has also developed a genuine proximity network based upon local consulting winemakers, laboratories, distribution partners and subsidiaries.

“Evolving to provide consistent answers with oenological issues of tomorrow” such is the motto that drives a passionate and strongly involved team.
At SOFRALAB, the wine and the client are always at the heart of the company.



Oenofrance history with winemaking and enological products started in 1943 near Paris. Step by step, Oenofrance took on a national dimension by buying famous companies like Chevallier Appert, SAF, CGO, Boland, Vander Borght.

Oenofrance, based now in Bordeaux, has also six laboratories in the major French viticultural regions. Today Oenofrance is a staff of 40 persons among which more than half are enologists
In France, Oenofrance’s network is made up of more than 100 distribution points (analytical laboratories, consultants, agencies, distributors) proposing fool range of specialties (yeasts, lactic bacteria, tannins, enzymes, fining agents…). Oenofrance is also present in the key wine producing countries through Oenofrance Chile and Oenofrance Italy, but also distributors in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Luxembourg, USA, Canada, Argentina, Australia…

Oenofrance has sold the first specific yeast for aromatic white wines, called Levuline ALS

  • In 1981, Oenofrance produced the first gelatin by enzymatic hydrolysis, with the unique control of hydrolysis degree.
  • Oenofrance took part in the finalization of freeze-dried lactic bacteria production protocols.
  • Oenofrance was precursor in the selection of enzymatic activities for winemaking.
  • Oenofrance is working since 1986 on specific yeast products (hulls, specific soluble fractions, selected polysaccharides…).


Martin Vialatte

Martin Vialatte has developed a complete range of specific oenological products, optimized for the various fermentation processes and ageing of wines (maceration, fermentation, ageing, fining…). Guarantor of food safety and product quality, Martin Vialatte’s quality/safety/environment platform allows anticipating and meeting global needs and expectations (such as GMO-free or product origin, International Oenological Codex…).

Martin Vialatte is certified for quality management according to ISO 22000 standard-v.2005, for research & development, manufacturing, sale and trading of wine-making supplies.
This certification permanently ensures that oenological products are healthy and safe to use in the food industry, which allows transparency on food security issues internally as well as with our clients.

Moreover, transmitting expertise and knowledge of oenological products is one of the major commitments of Martin Vialatte’s wine experts and research engineers, who specialize in wine and winemaking practices.

A source of exchange and progress, Martin Vialatte’s technical approach also contributes to the development of new products and services tailored to the needs of winemakers from all around the world.

Research is always applied, focused on problem-solving.